Volunteer Job Descriptions
(No volunteer will miss seeing his or her child swim)

In order to maintain the quality of our program, we encourage parents to sign up and take an active roll in the success of their swimmers and the overall team by volunteering for one of the positions below:

We try to maintain some of the core volunteers year to year.  We have openings for the 2022 year to shadow current volunteers that will be stepping down at the end of the season. Please feel free to email oo1dolphins@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming part of the core volunteer.

Prior to each swim meet, an email will go out to sign up for a volunteer position for that week’s meet.  We encourage you to try different spots and will offer training to make sure you enjoy the volunteer spot!

Canteen: Work in the kitchen and sell refreshments during the meet.  All profits go to Swim Team.

Heat Seater: Seat children in order for race, based on lane assignments shown on event slips.

Home Meet – Set Up: Set up pool area Friday evening for Saturday meet.  Put out chairs, canopies, flag poles, etc.

Home Meet – Take Down: Clean up and straighten pool area after Saturday meet.  Put away chairs, canopies, flag poles, etc.

Kid Keeper: Keeps track of swimmers, hands swimmers their event slips and makes sure they line up on time for events.

Kids Activities Supervisor: Supervises any Swim Team activities.

Photographer: Takes pictures at meets and other Swim Team events.

Ribbon Coordinator: Coordinates swimmer’s times on ribbons.

Runner: Takes event slips from timers to scorers.

Scorer: Determines official finish times.  Generates final score on computer.

Starter: Commences all races in a timely manner.  Disqualifies late arrivals.  Call “false starts.”

Place Judges: Determines 1st, 2nd and 3rd place swimmers on side of pool as back-up to timers.

Stroke and Turn Judge: Determines if swimmers are performing correct stroke, kick, and turn.  Disqualifies swimmers for violations.  Must have knowledge of correct stroke, kick, and turn criteria.

Timer: Use stop watch.  Sit at the end of the pool and time swimmers.  Records the swimmers times on event slips.